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Moloch "A Journey To The Vyrdin" 2013[2008] DIGI-CD


Ambient/Depressive Black Metal - reissued in 2013 the originally recorded in 2008 album "A Journey to the Vyrdin". Please note that the sample below has some track which do not exist on particular reissue. Full track list is below. This is a digipak-CD version!

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This re-edition one of the most mysterious Moloch album have a different (full) tracks list and new cover art with all drawings made for this release in 2008 by Sergiy Fjordsson. Gloom from the depths of not divided macrocosm and microcosm in essence of the world, revelation from a tree nayward, mystical images of known and unknown, comprehension of the wisdom learnt in sources of universe, end visions, all has mixed up here, in this black symphonies. This creation is based on influences of European norse mythology and human aspect of life.. All music and lyrics written, performed & recorded by Sergiy Fjordsson. Summer - Autumn 2008. Recorded totally under LSD trip and other psilocybin extracts.

Tracklist: 1. Svartalfaheimr - 2. Ljosalfaheimr - 3. Asaheimr - 4. Jotunheimr - 5. Helheimr - 6. Vanaheimr - 7. Niflheimr - 8. Mannaheimr - 9. Muspellsheimr

Band nameMoloch
Album titleA Journey To The Vyrdin
Media formatCD
Released in2008, 2013
Music styleAmbient, Black, Metal, Depressive

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