Munruthel "CREEDamage" 2012 CD Expand

Munruthel "CREEDamage" 2012 CD

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Symphonic Pagan Metal featuring guest vocals by Masha “Scream” Arkhipova (ARKONA, Russia) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER, United Kingdom)

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Long-awaited, fifth album of MUNRUTHEL includes a material, which has been in work from the moment of “Epoch of Aquarius” release in 2006. The new album’s musical canvas is decorated not only with atmospheric dabs inherent in early works of the project’s author, but also with hard strokes of guitar riffing shown on “Oriana Tales” for the first time and fully revealed on “Epoch of Aquarius”. At present, from all appearances, “CREEDamage” is the most mature work of the project, and its sound production quality may be compared with the best representatives of the genre. Symphonic Pagan Metal for true fans of Eastern European Scene!

MUNRUTHEL is a project driven by the legend of Ukrainian Underground scene Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, being one of the founders of probably the most known ex-USSR Pagan Metal band NOKTURNAL MORTUM, he also took part in recording of more than 35 albums with different bands and project like ASTROFAES, LUCIFUGUM, THUNDERKRAFT to name a few.

Features guest vocals by Masha “Scream” Arkhipova (ARKONA, Russia) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER, United Kingdom).

Press feedback Aardschok 90/100 · Zero Tolerance 4.5/6 · Nocturne 9.5/10 · Terrorizer 4/5 · Queens of Steel 9.5/10 · Xtreem Music 9/10 · Metal Reviews 91/100 (Album of the Month!) · Rock Tribune 80/100 · Destructive Music 10/10 · Pro Rock 8.5/10 · Bleeding4Metal 9/10 · Parat Soundcheck #2/45 · Folk Metal AT 15/15 · Album of the year at Onemetal & Teeth of the Divine · PsychoZine 4.75/5 · Heavy Metal Tribune 4/5 · Pavillon666 8.5/10 · MetalMouth 8.5/10 · Ave Noctum 8.5/10

Band nameMunruthel
Album titleCREEDamage
Media formatCD
Released in2012
Music styleMetal, Symphonic, Pagan
Pure style?Mixed style

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